Better Together.

Vision Marshalltown is a group of community stakeholders working to drive better solutions for education, housing, and community pride. We work with our partner organizations to create growth and progress in Marshalltown, Iowa. 

Our mission is that Marshalltown embodies the pride, passion, and purpose of a global community rooted in hometown Iowa quality of living. 

Marshalltown is a community for those who seek a cohesive and positive community, who want to be part of something larger, and are willing to share in the victories.

Vision Statements

  • Showcase exceptional educational opportunities.

  • Offer a wide array of options and opportunities for families to reinvest in neighborhoods.

  • Have and convey a culture of pride and respect, with a reputation as a great community in which to live, work, learn, and play.

Unlike Other Communities

  • A diverse culture

  • A small town feel that is part of a global community

  • Proximity to other major cities in Iowa

  • Meaningful opportunities for involvement

Extraordinary Opportunities

  • A supportive and innovative culture

  • Many opportunities to be actively involved

  • Innovating and changing educational system

  • Convenient location within the state

Marshalltown's leadership is committed to positively transforming the trajectory of Marshalltown through a transformative lens.