Better Together.

Vision Marshalltown is a network of community stakeholders working to grow housing, downtown, education and community pride. We work with our partner organizations to create growth and progress in Marshalltown, Iowa.  

Vision Marshalltown is not an organization. Vision Marshalltown is a network. In a network, there are many leaders. The action of Vision Marshalltown can be seen through the work of many organizations who are committed to growing Marshalltown.

Power and action come from many places. We influence one another through a commitment to a shared vision, not through authority.

We accelerate our work by combining intentional strategies and emergent opportunities. We know that more opportunities for growth will come along than we can see today. We plan to seize opportunities that accelerate growth.

Vision Marshalltown org structure.png

Kyley Leger

Terry Buzbee
Karn Gregoire
Joe Carter
Heidi Dalal
Jenny Etter
Kristie Fisher
Joel Greer
Julie Hitchins
Jessica Kinser
Mike Miller
Bea Niblock
Abigail Pelzer
Theron Schutte

Vision Marshalltown is not an organization and does not have a traditional organization chart. Our structure includes many supportive roles in housing, downtown, and education with an active role in leading the focus on the pride and reputation of Marshalltown.

Marshalltown is a community for those who seek a cohesive and positive community, who want to be part of something larger, and are willing to share in the victories afforded by the extraordinary opportunities provided here.

Unlike Other Communities

  • Midsized town offering global diversity

  • Close proximity to major cities in Iowa

  • Meaningful opportunities for involvement

Extraordinary Opportunities

  • A supportive and innovative culture

  • Many opportunities to be actively involved

  • Innovating and changing educational system

  • Convenient location within the state

Our leaders are committed to growing and positively transforming Marshalltown with a mindfulness to overcoming the paralyzing consequences of cynicism through positive outreach, messaging, and dialogue.