How can you get involved in the community?

One of the many benefits of living in Marshalltown is that it’s somewhere between a metropolitan city and a small town. It’s pretty easy to find out what’s happening for events, new projects, or ways to get involved. People can pick and choose their level of involvement and can be involved in projects that are important to them.

Where can you get involved?

School district: Junior Achievement volunteer, Booster Club, attend school events, join a Parent Teacher Organization or volunteer in a classroom, support your student by encouraging and supporting the school and their education

City: park cleanup groups, use parks and recreation amenities, clean up after yourself, take care of your dwelling, participate in community input sessions

Non-profits: Board of Directors, sub-committees, help with special projects, volunteer at facilities

Events: be on a committee, volunteer at an event, attend events, spend money at events

Fundraisers: donate items, attend fundraisers and/or contribute money towards fundraising efforts

Elected Officials: run for School Board, City Government, or County Government; vote; attend public meetings

Tornado Recovery: Needs vary depending on the project and available resources. Volunteer Iowa and Habitat for Humanity of Iowa have immediate openings for AmeriCorps members to assist in recovery efforts. Volunteers will be critical to support the mobile response team before the colder weather arrives. Volunteers can contact Central Iowa RSVP at 515-444-2390 or to learn more.

How can you get connected with an organization?

Find a website or Facebook page with contact information. Request more information on organization needs and how you can be involved. If you know someone involved in the organization, ask what needs they have or how you can get involved. If current positions aren’t open, find ways to help share information about the organization.

How can you get involved without volunteering time?

If you’re not interested or able to volunteer your time, there is one very important way to get involved in the community. Be a positive voice! Be a Marshalltown promoter for the things that you value. Help spread the word about things happening with organizations, tell friends and neighbors about events or projects, or help people understand what a local non-profit’s mission is. There are many ways to be a Marshalltown promoter and it doesn’t take a lot of time.

Donations of time, money, and resources help our community grow, but positive attitude and community awareness also help our community prosper. You don’t have to give a lot of either to help make a positive difference in our community.