How safe is Marshalltown?

"If it bleeds, it leads."

That is a common quote attributed to efforts by the media to drive social media views, paper sales, or ratings. In fairness, this is not a factual depiction of how the media conducts business or covers community news. However, crime stories do attract out attention. These are important public stories and they will receive a lot of media coverage.

Sometimes it feels like crime is all around you. It is all we read about and it dominates the daily news cycle. This creates a perception that our community may not be safe. Factually, our community of Marshalltown remains safe. Crime rates continue to remain low. Violent crime rates have been trending downward for many years. The odds of you being the victim of violent crime in Marshalltown is very low.

Most of the violent crime we deal with involves domestic violence. It is very rare for random acts of violence to occur in our community. When violent crime occurs, the overwhelming majority of these crimes involve victims and perpetrators who are known to each other. We do not see perpetrators targeting random people and committing acts of violence.

How can you help? Sir Robert Peel is credited as the founding father of modern police practices. He once said, "The police are the public and the public are the police." What does this mean for us? At MPD we talk about ensuring that everyone in our community has a voice in the safety of Marshalltown. As community members, everyone has a role to play in the policing of our community. The police and everyone who call Marshalltown home must work closely to keep our community safe. 

  • Be engaged with local government. 

  • Be engaged with our police department. 

  • Set up a neighborhood watch program. 

  • Attend the citizens police academy. 

  • Support Marshall County Crime Stoppers. 

  • Visit the police department. 

  • Join us for a ride along. 

  • Take time to get to know those who serve you. 

  • Share your concerns. 

  • See something, say something.

Marshalltown is a safe community. Working together, we will keep it that way because we are #MarshalltownStrong.