Meet the Leaders of Marshalltown

Over the next few months we will highlight some of the Marshalltown leaders. Some of these leaders are in elected positions and others have dedicated their careers to serving the people of Marshalltown. In a get-to-know-them type of format, we’ll learn about why they wanted to be in their position and what projects they are most excited about in their field of work.

Good leaders, collaboration, and volunteers are what makes a community grow and prosper. We are fortunate to have a lot of passionate leaders, a constant stream of collaboration on existing and new projects, and the best volunteers who give their time and money to our community.

These spotlights will be quick snapshots into who they are and why they are involved in the growth of Marshalltown. We also hope this provides you with resources or ideas on how you can get more involved if you’re looking for opportunities.

Our goal is to help the citizens of Marshalltown get to know the leaders of the City, School District, College, business community, and non-profit sector. We won’t be able to highlight every leader in the community, but want to be able to provide you with more insight and understanding into the various sectors of our community.

Watch for these leader spotlights on the Vision Marshalltown accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.