Welcome to the Vision Marshalltown blog! Content will focus on activities related to our three community initiatives - education, housing, and community pride. 

Our mission is that Marshalltown embodies the pride, passion, and purpose of a global community rooted in hometown Iowa quality of living. To help us accomplish this mission, we are focused on three vision areas. 

  • Showcase exceptional educational opportunities
  • Offer a wide array of housing options and opportunities for families to reinvest in neighborhoods
  • Have and convey a culture of pride and respect, with a reputation as a great place to live, work, and play

The type of content you can expect to see are positive stories about people, places, and events in Marshalltown that relate to our three visions.

We'll try to give you sneak peek highlights of some of the great projects our community partners are working on that you may not otherwise know about. Many of our community partners are working on initiatives to help Marshalltown grow and prosper and our goal is to help our audience have more awareness of those projects. 

We welcome the community to be involved in any way they see fit. As we move forward in providing more content, we will be looking for creatives who have pictures and stories to tell about our great community.