Tornado Clean Up

As we navigate post-tornado recovery and rebuild life in Marshalltown, there are a lot of vehicles and debris on the north side of town. We’ve compiled a list of things to know as you travel around the north side.

Debris Removal

  • The City has been picking up damaged trees and limbs, but is ready to move into the next phase of efficient pickup. All vegetation should be on the terrace by 8:00am on Tuesday, August 8. Future clean up sweeps will happen, but a coordinated effort will help ensure faster removal. If possible, remove as much debris as you can and take it to the compost or landfill.
  • The next efforts to begin are construction debris removal.
  • Terrace trees marked with red spray paint correspond to property numbers and have been identified as potential branch concerns. These limbs will be removed at no cost to the property owner. This work will be completed after debris cleanup. Note that this only applies to terrace trees and those on private property are the responsibility of the owner.

Road / Sidewalk Closures

  • For the time being, City officials ask that vehicles stay off Main Street. This is for the safety of citizens while buildings are assessed and for the mobility of large equipment to haul away debris and fix buildings.
  • Barricades and closures in the downtown and neighborhoods will continue to move around as needs arise. Please stay out of the barricade areas so recovery and rebuild can move forward as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • If you have work being done on your property that will create a road closure or blockage, please notify the City of Marshalltown - Local Government Engineering Department. They have released a road closure map on their website ( and will keep it updated as they become aware of projects.
  • Be aware that barricades and closures for sidewalks may also be moving from day-to-day. Stay off the barricaded sidewalks to ensure safety from falling debris. Stay away from sidewalks and streets that are still covered in debris as it may be hard to see hazardous objects.


  • No parking on Main Street for the time being while recovery and rebuild are in progress.
  • City officials ask that people going to the downtown area use public parking lots instead of Main Street. Some of the public lots still have debris, please be care of hazardous objects. The City will be cleaning these lots soon.
  • While cleanup in front of buildings will be ongoing, on-street parking may continue to be limited on the side streets.