Finding Things to Do

The Marshalltown community has lots of options when it comes to finding things to do. Some of the more popular Marshalltown Convention & Visitors Bureau calendar of events are categorized as: arts & culture, live music, fitness, classes and workshops, and outdoor and nature.

From a Vision Marshalltown survey completed in 2018, people believe there are a lot of things happening in Marshalltown but don’t know about them until after they happen. It is our hope to increase awareness of the different outlets hosting or promoting events. Below is a short list of some organizations you can check when planning things to do.

Ways to find out what’s happening:

  • Marshalltown Convention & Visitors Bureau (MCVB): Local events are posted on the MCVB electronic billboard at Hy-Vee or the organization’s Facebook page. Events are shared free-of-charge if your event meets the event criteria. *Events must be open to the public and fit into the categories listed on the calendar.

  • Marshall County Arts & Culture Alliance highlights weekend activities every week on their Facebook page. Events that are shared focus on the art and culture activities in the community such as live music, theater, workshops and classes, sports, etc.

  • Marshalltown Community School District activities can be found on their webpage.

  • Marshalltown Community College activities can be found on their webpage.

  • Local media are great sources for information about events, clubs, and what is happening in Marshalltown. Tune into KFJB news radio and follow the Times-Republican Facebook page, website, or printed newspaper.

You can also help others know what’s going on by sharing with your friends and family.