Chamber Urges Choosing Local

If you were given $100, would you prefer to put it in your own pocket or someone else’s? Admittedly, most of us would like to keep the money ourselves.

That’s the same choice we face every time we choose a good or service. We can keep it local and put the benefit in the collective pocket of the Marshalltown area community. Or, we can choose to take the transaction elsewhere and benefit the checkbook of another community.

The next time you need a service (financial, legal, healthcare, etc.) or are making a purchase (auto, household goods, clothing, groceries, etc.), what will you choose? Will you keep your business in the Marshalltown area and benefit our local economy? Now more than ever, the Marshalltown Area Chamber of Commerce certainly urges you to do so. When we all pull together, Marshalltown thrives.

     Here are some of the potential benefits you might receive as a result of choosing local:

  • Support a local job—perhaps that of a family member, friend, or neighbor.

  • Have the opportunity to actually look at, hold, try out, or try on a product before you buy it.

  • When there is a question or concern after your purchase, you can talk to someone face-to-face about it.

  • You can have the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting our local community.

  • Your local purchase will boost the prosperity of our town.

  • That prosperity boost can translate into an increase in the value of your own home.

  • You are creating a chance to bring additional money into our community other than by means of direct property tax.

  • That additional money can, in turn, lead to improved community services.

  • You’ll be contributing to a more prosperous future for our community. How? Choosing local now helps pave the way for additional varieties of products and services to be offered in the future.

As Marshalltown continues to recover from the July 19, 2018 tornado, we need to support our local businesses who are reopening (some of which never closed!). We need to put our money back into the local economy, purchase goods and services from our local businesses, and work to bring back Marshalltown better and stronger than ever.