5 Reasons Why its Great to Live in a Right-Sized Community

Some people may call Marshalltown a small community. To others, it is big. A community with 25,000 to 50,000 people is a micropolitan. We like to call it “right-sized” because it is the perfect middle ground of big enough that you don’t know everyone but small enough that you can be involved. It’s big enough that we have a number of retailers but close enough to metro areas with big box stores. We got together with our partner organizations to come up with the top 5 reasons why it’s great to live in a right-sized community.

  1. Marshalltown is the perfect size community to get involved in lots of different activities. There is something for every interest! It is also the right size to have amenities that large cities have, but small enough to feel like you know your neighbors. You will find new “gems” and “little known secrets” that make Marshalltown the unique and wonderful “right-sized” community that it is!

  2. Marshalltown is the perfect size community to find friends who share similar interests as you. The first person you meet in town may not share your passions. Our community is big enough that you can search until you find that group. That group will help you build your personal community within the larger community.

  3. Marshalltown is the perfect size community because it is not too large that there are still numerous personal connections and sharing amongst residents yet small enough that we see one another in social settings throughout our daily routines. These connections or threads of our fabric remind us there is something very unique about Marshalltown. Our people care about one another and also about their community.  If you look around Marshalltown, the changes and renovations through time are true indicators we are right sized, which allows the community to continue to thrive for future generations.

  4. Marshalltown is the perfect size community because it provides a unique opportunity for everyone to get involved in the community while finding something that fits their interests and passions. We have a wide variety of organizations and groups serving different missions to make Marshalltown great. There are endless opportunities to make your mark!

  5. Marshalltown is the perfect size community because many organizations and people work together to make our community better! Many hands can do light work when it comes to growing our community.

There you have it! Marshalltown is the PERFECT sized community to live, work, learn, and play! Thank you to our partners: Marshalltown Area Chamber of Commerce, Marshalltown Convention & Visitors Bureau, and Marshall County Art & Culture Alliance. Make sure you’re following their Facebook pages for the latest in their spaces.