MCSD students earn dual credits towards college!

We recently asked the Marshalltown Community School District about college credits. We keep hearing about college credits and how a lot of high school students are taking advantage of “free college” while they attend MHS. We wanted to know how many college credits were taken in the 2018-2019 school year.

Here are the numbers from Marshalltown Community College. Fall enrollment of grades 9-12 was 1463.

Fall 2018:

  • 404 students were enrolled in classes at Marshalltown Community College

  • 628 classes were taken

  • 1807.5 credits were given

Wow! That averages out to 1.5 classes per student.

Spring 2019:

  • 328 students were enrolled in classes at Marshalltown Community College

  • 667 classes were taken

  • 2134 credits were given

What impresses us about these numbers is that less students were enrolled in the spring, but more classes were taken! Students averaged 2 college classes during the spring semester.

Did you hear about the two seniors who received their AA degree from MCC before their graduation from MHS? Read the story here: MHS seniors complete college degree before high school graduation!

Taking college courses will continue to be a great opportunity for MHS students! As a community, we should be very proud that our school district and local college are partnering to provide educational and financial benefits to students. Not only does it help students save money on future college costs, but it also helps them expand their education beyond the standard high school curriculum. It’s great to see that MCSD offers students the opportunity to get started on their college class requirements or take classes to help them figure out what they want to do after MCSD.