New housing! What you need to know about Crosby Park townhomes

Crosby Park published a Facebook page last week and started promoting open house dates. Because housing is an important part of our mission, we reached out to ask a few questions about the new townhomes. See the responses below as well as contact information for more details.

Question: Why did you build the new housing complex?

Answer:  From the day we moved to Marshalltown 24 years ago, we found a community that was warm and welcoming. We know many people who have found that same warm, welcoming feeling too, but with such a shortage of housing in the community, too many people just can’t find the living situation they want. We believe up-scale, executive-style rental townhomes (with AWESOME views of the American Legion Golf Course, Lincoln Towers, and the Courthouse) will fill a void in the rental market. With more housing options, more people can live in our community and experience that same warm and welcoming feeling!

Question: What does the name mean?

Answer: Crosby Park was the perfect fit because it is the site of the old Crosby Pool in Marshalltown. The pool was named after a former mayor, William B. Crosby, a 6-term mayor who was born and raised in Marshalltown. Crosby was also a member of the Frank Lewis Glick Post No. 46 American Legion. Crosby’s efforts helped raise the money for the new pool. Crosby Pool was a well-known fixture in the community, and even today the name conjures up fond memories for so many who enjoyed summer swimming and splash dances; therefore, it became the perfect name for the development.

Park became the back half of the name for several reasons. First, the park-like setting with peaceful views in summer and winter makes it feel like you’re in the middle of a park. Second, with the American Legion Golf Course as our neighbor, the entire area has a “park” feel. Finally, just south of our property the American Legion has a wonderful little park with a covered patio and picnic benches - perfect for a friendly get-together. We hope the American Legion is pleased with the name and that Mr. Crosby would be too!

Question: What kind of amenities do you offer?

Answer: There are many amenities! Each unit offers a great golf course view of the Legion, a small pond, and soon the bike trail. Our dream is to find a way to connect the Veterans’ Home to the Freedom Rock via the bike trail system. The townhomes have high-end, stainless steel appliances, open concept layouts, and huge windows with custom blinds included! Each garage offers a 220-volt electric car plug-in and the option to be heated. The 2-bedroom units have a great composite deck and patio and the 3-bedroom units offer a patio off the main floor.

All units have a full size washer and dryer on the bedroom level. These places have a lot to love! When you walk in you can tell how well thought out and put together they are.

Question: How many units are available?

Answer: As of now, there are 14 units available with more to come in the future. The site is currently plotted out to have an additional 19 units for a total of 33. There is also space for retail or mixed commercial development along 6th Street.

Question: When are the units available?

Answer: The first building will have units ready to rent on August 1 and the second building will be ready September 1.

Question: How much do they cost?

Answer: 2-bedroom units with 2 baths are $1,290/month. 3-bedroom units with 2 baths are $1,490/month. Tenants are responsible for utilities and indoor maintenance.

Question: Who do I contact for more information or to see the units?

Answer: Five Star Realtor’s Samantha Vance (641-751-2873) or Shelley Backes (641-750-2386).

Thanks to Crosby Park for the information!