What makes you proud to call Marshalltown home? Many organizations in the community are focused on inspiring, creating, and sharing pride among citizens. The City of Marshalltown, Marshalltown Area Chamber of Commerce, and Vision Marshalltown have prioritized community image and pride as goals. And now we need your help.

As part of a collaborative effort, the organizations realized the significance of creating a community tagline that everyone in the community could rally around. A tagline is an aspirational phrase that describes who we are today and also who we want to be in the future. It should help those outside the community understand who we are in Marshalltown and where we’re going. A tagline is also something that can be used by anyone in Marshalltown and is not limited to represent just one organization.

By August 15, use the Google form to submit 5-6 words that make a great tagline for the community. Entries will be narrowed down to the top 5 and submitted to the public for further comment and feedback.